I claim that AI-based generative art systems can reflect society and culture in an abstract way. In this artwork, I want to draw an artistic narrative, to critically analyse Mecca as an element of Saudi culture. I want to express thoughts about culture and about technology and its cyclical impacts on us as individuals and as collectives. The continuous technological changes have a broad impact on culture, on how we make sense of it and on how we express ourselves through it.

The generative movement was designed using the Synectic trigger mechanism. It abstracts the Kaaba through Repeat, Combine, Add, Transfer, Empathize, Animate, Superimpose, Change Scale, Substitute, Fragment, Isolate, Distort, Disguise, Contradict, Parody, Prevaricate, Analogize, Hybridize, Metamorphose, Symbolize and Fantasize. This is a machine using the creative tools to mimic human creativity and to express a kind of cultural identity in a unique creative way.