In this data landscape, a machine draws a landscape which does not exist in the world. By feeding the machine with hundreds of photos of Mecca, AI creates a shifting moving image to redraw a landscape using only the data given. Despite its inconstancy, it retains a constancy by focusing on the horizontal line in the centre with a much more fluid sense of everything being in motion, morphing and becoming abstract. The different atmosphere and different texture within this different approach make the generative landscape convincing through the contemporary culture and rethinking of the new aesthetic, technique and dynamic perception of the narrative.

There is an interesting contrast between the conceptual implications and the cultural implications of the image of Mecca as its cultural symbolism, not as its Islamic position. This leads to an argument about the impacts of technology on our societies. It might supersede the idea of an uncomfortable meeting between a piece of technology and deeply held religious/cultural convictions. There is an interesting conjunction when machine learning is related to cultural significance, and the generation of new art generation is suddenly achieved. 

Huda Almazroua

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