Even in locked-down cites, ideas spread like viruses, we are living in the same place, breathing the same air, under a similar sky, or sometimes it is different, even though we are not speaking to one another, Ideas still travel through space to other artists somewhere in the world!

What if we could see the viruses because we live in the time of the coronavirus: viruses and ideas have wings; they can travel across boundaries. 

In 2020, quarantined in London, I put on my off-site show on my balcony. With fibre optic lights and my daughter, I played with ideas and viruses to create a new work during my self-isolation time

The weapon is the enemy…

My hand is my enemy and my weapon at the same time. My children and I are surrounded by millions of germs flowing in the air and falling down on surfaces. Our fears are in door handles, tissues and groceries delivered from the supermarket. It is a new kind of fear that we are not used to worrying about. As an artist, I am trying to raise awareness by picturing the invisible as a war between hands and germs which I try to highlight

Huda Almazroua

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