2020  Master of Fine Art at the University of Arts, London.
2007  Master by Research in Art Education in ‘Art Teaching Methods’: First-class Honors from Umm Al-Qura University.
2001  Bachelor of Art Education: Second-class Honors from Umm Al-Qura University. 


2020 Visiting Lecturer: Chelsea College of Arts, The University of Arts, London  
2011- Now Lecturer: College of Art & Design, Princess Norah Bint Abdul Rahman University in Riyadh  
2011- 2004 Lecturer: Department of Art Education, Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah     
2010  Graduate Assistant: Department of Art Education, Umm Al-Qura University  

Twitter- Instagram: @hudaalmazrou

Solo Exhibitions:

VIRUSES VS IDEAS: the first solo virtual exhibition during COVID19 Pandemic. 
AFFILIATION NON-TOUCHABLE: at the Saudi national day in Manchester University Students’ Union.
2015 SCHIZOPHRENIA: at the fourth Limited Edition exhibition of the Arabian Wings group in Jeddah.  

Group Exhibitions:

2020 UAL Graduate showcase, London.Unit: University of Arts, London.  
2019 International Festival, University of Arts, London.  
2014 Limited Edition, Third Exhibition of the Arabian Wings group, Jeddah  
2013 Saudi Arts, Saudi Council, New Zealand.  
2013 Limited Edition Second Exhibition of the Arabian Wings group, Jeddah.  
2012 Statement of Identity, Saudi scientific international conference, London.  
2012 Saudi Contemporary Art, Third prize, Riyadh.  
2011 Mashareb Okhra, Faculty Members Exhibition, Princess Norah University, Riyadh   
2005 House of Art, Beirut.  
2003 Hejazeyat, Jeddah.  
2003 Human rights and voluntary work, organized by the Red Crescent Society, Mecca.  
2002 Firefighting, The International Day of Civil Defence, Jeddah.  
2001 Security, Makkah District Police Safety Campaign.  
2001 Young Artists, Mecca.  
2001 Fifth Saudi Colors Contest, Jeddah.  
2001 The Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States, fourth edition, Jeddah.   
2000 Islamic Gallery for the Society for the Care of Children with Disabilities, Mecca.  
2000 Mecca International Festival.  
  2005-1997   All exhibitions of Umm Al-Qura University (as curator).  
2005-1997 All exhibitions of the Fine Artists’ House (as curator).  
2005-1997 All exhibitions for the General Presidency for Youth Welfare (as curator).  

Virtual shows:


Tate at Late online Show: Constructing Landscapes/Building Worlds:

Group show: 12 pm:
Group show: Comfort Zone:
Group show: Isolate:


Curating Participation:

2005-1997 All exhibitions of Umm Al-Qura University.  
2005-1997 All exhibitions of the Fine Artists’ House.   
2005-1997 All exhibitions for the General Presidency for Youth Welfare.  

University Special Gifts Design & Implementation:

2002 Gift for King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz’s wife.  
2001 Gift for King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz’s wife.  
2000 Gift for Prince Abdul Majid Bin Abdul Aziz.   


2010- Now
Saudi Association of Art and DesignSaudi Association of Culture and ArtFormer member of the Saudi Red Crescent Society in MakkahFormer member of the Fine Artists’ House in Jeddah.   


2002 Makkah Police Departments in Makkah.  
2001 General Directorate of Civil Defense in Makkah.  
2000 Umm Al-Qura University buildings.  
2000 Disabled Children’s Association in Makkah.  
2000 Saudi Red Crescent Society.  



   Journalists’ reports about the artist:ملف/13-فنانا-يحوزون-جوائز-الفن-السعودي-المعاصرمنوعات/فنون-و-ثقافة/1135351-مبتعثات-سعوديات-لفتن-الأنظار-بإبداعاتهن-في-الفن-التشكيليمؤسسة-أجنحة-عربية-دشنت-الموقع-الجديد-ل/


2012 Third Award of the 22nd Saudi Contemporary Art competition.  
2005 Second Award: Saudi Growth & Prosperity Exhibition.  
2003 Second Award: The second Saudi plastic art exhibition.  
2001 First Award: The first Saudi plastic art exhibition.  
2001 Second Award: The annual competition of Fine Arts Mecca’s artists.  
2000 First Award: The annual competition of Makkah Fine Artists.  
2000 Creative Award: Art Contest, held by Umm al-Qura Charity Association of Women.