Nothingness Theory

Everything does not come from nothing. Creation is not to be conceived as a single act. Creation is exercised by maintaining or preserving in existence whatever is. 

Creation from nothing is bringing something into existence from the origin of matter, life and humankind. The material is not dead nor created from scratch. It is my way to think differently about data and to understand what kind of questions are answerable and to investigate the process of creation. 

My passion is targeting the processes of creation, from foetus to seed, to chick and sunrise. I want to convey the original concept of the Creation in Nothingness theory to inspire human beings to find a new way of keeping their eyes open to their relationship to the origin of everything saved in our mind or any data in our software.

Data are abundant now because everything has been recorded. Softwares record our blood types, predict the gender of our babies, register our fears, help us to control our weight and enable us to solve problems. 

We are recording the DNA of our lives in one way or another. I intend to take these data and transform them into actionable artwork to critically rethink the origin of our existence in the light of the theory of nothingness through machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is creating the beauty of everything in light of the human mind.