Artist Statement

I am a lecturer, a researcher and a curious artist fascinated by the emerging technologies, particularly Creative Coding and Artificial intelligence. I am mesmerized by the digital generative image as a medium, a language and a subject matter. AI has changed the dynamic nature of my creative processes. I have developed better and more reproductive relationships with the computer to boost my creativity levels. AI is a creative entity in its own right, well beyond being a mere tool for assisting creators. I consider AI as a creative collaborator as opposed to merely being a passive tool.

Through Creative Coding, I aim to investigate the collisions between societies and culture in the face of technology and its cyclical impact on us as individuals and collectives. Accelerated technological change has a broad effect on communities and how they behave and express themselves, and ultimately it has an impact on culture, ethics, law and tradition. The intersection of culture and globalization in our troubled times of moral crises and technological submission needs more exploration. 

I argue that AI art is not considered universal because even if the data sets are scraped from the internet and the internet is supposed to be universal. Still, it is neither neutral nor universal because it is collecting dataset saved on the internet. The internet is starting to collect the nearest location of the dataset; London’s search results differ from Riyadh’s results. Besides, many people are still living offline and outside the internet. 

My practice tries to contribute to knowledge by practising as a research specifically out of my cultural context. The Saudi perspective will give me a particular understanding and a specific creative vision that will differ from somebody from a different culture.

I want to be narrative in telling the stories of my culture. The more people learn about the rich tapestry of cultural legacies, the deeper they can tap into a well-spring that will enrich life and better connect to the infinite thread of our world history’s stories.

I intend to start my PhD study by addressing a machine’s agency and adding to the existing body of knowledge in creative coding and AI. I shall be the creative director who chooses the data set fed into the algorithm. Empowering myself to make a personal decision in an individual culture is what makes my goal unique. I believe that my perspective’s specificity is what will contribute to knowledge and All these AI systems and artwork will be a part of our culture.