Mecca, the city which never sleeps depicted by generative images which never end. It is an endless roll with generative images which do not exist of the first house of God. The city which had only three people 3000 years ago now has nearly thirty million visitors a year. 

The roll is made from more than 6000 pictures created by a generator, which creates a photo from noise, from nothing. A discriminator judges and decides whether it is real or fake. When the generator fails to fool the judge, it learns from its mistakes and improves itself. Over time, the generator’s performance improves repetitively, improving both the discriminator and the generator. Near the end of the roll, the GAN produced synthetic data which cannot be differentiated from real-world samples and would pass the test. There is no right or wrong, no real or fake, it just is to be or is not to be.

Huda Almazroua

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