Mecca is a fundamental element in my identity. I was born in Mecca and I fell in love with the holiest city of Islam. Those places where I have always cherished, played, laughed, smiled. Through the ages, Mecca has undergone vast improvements. I want to tell a story of Mecca from my perspective.

In this short generative film, I am trying to narrate a moment which does not exist in history. It looks like an historical abstract time lapse of the Kaaba which remains constant at the centre while everything is changing around it. Everything around it was an essential part at some time and was changed at another time, and this has been indicated in the way it stretches in and out. This makes the invisible moment of temporal transfiguration visible through the enormous number of data sets generated.

The model interpolates information to help it create a moving, shifting image which represents the entire life cycle of Mecca from many perspectives and from multiple angles at different times of the year. It could be an honest memory for a machine to create an alternative reality.

Huda Almazroua

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