Through Medical Imaging

Work in progress….

Is there a text written in our X-rays? If there is, what language is it in? 

In this project I want to show how identity is expressed in art and science; recent scientific research suggests that creativity is found in the brain structure, in the memory and in our DNA, as well as the environmental and cultural factors which drive us to create …

I have been exploring these ideas primarily with my own medical images made during my pregnancy. I have also collected images from friends and relatives to make ‘creationism’ part of an ongoing collection of works seeking to express the beauty of created foetuses. It will be a series of portraits of unborn human babies made through medical imaging to respond to the process of human creation. The result of a desire to expand the theory of creation from nothingness by engaging AI as a contemporary artistic practice. I shall collect medical images of the process of creation in nature to move the viewers to a distant and abstract place and enable them to interact directly with the work. 

I observe my consciousness, and I use it as a framework to explore progressive ideas, I took the harmonic patterns in neurological signal in the brain and translated it to something that you can hear, and you can see. This is the process of forgetfulness in the mental roundabout.