Memory Matter

Identity and memory are a pattern: a cycle that I am trying to harness. The information in the human mind, which makes them different, is different. Memory helps make humans who they are. In reality, all we see is light, but we forget the light and only see the matter which reflects it.

Memory is the light; information is the darkness. We only need to remember the spotlight of information. If we think about everything, we will be disturbed by nothing. Losing memory means living in the black world: nothing written in your data system. In reality, all we see is light, but we forget the light and only see the matter which reflects it. 

I am observing the memorising process and use it as a framework to explore progressive ideas. In a quiet space, where there is no colors, no lights and no distractions, memories are brightening as a sketch. It is outlining our past experiences. The exposure of different colors of light alters human memory function. I am trying to explore the grey area between memory and forgetfulness and asking what it means to have amnesia someday. I aim to take the harmonic patterns in neurological signal in the brain and translate it to something that you can hear, and you can see. I am trying to make something complex seems understandable for the public. 

Through the progression I made, Light is my medium, not only for the brain to see the life, but it also my medium to express my interest in art and medicine and especially how you could turn our body inside out to zoom in and focus through. The links between Science and art can contribute to understanding humanity by stimulating the insight into shared human experience. It focuses on individual difference or uniqueness, which is on another hand, may enrich the language and thought of practitioner.

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